Portland oregon wedding, portrait, and school photographer


Hi! You made it. I know you just want to order some photos, but if you can make it to the bottom of this page all your questions about ordering should be answered.  Oh and your school will receive 10% of the net sales from orders.  YAY!

Please get your order in by the due date, so that you don't have to pay shipping to have them mailed to your home.

Step 1


 Enter the password you were given in the email from Sung Kokko Photography for your school's gallery. From there find your child's grade and your child's album.

Step 2


 Now you can see all of your child's photos. Click on a photo that you would like to buy. **The photo packages are for ONE image. If you want to purchase multiple images you can purchase multiple packages or add-on items.

 You can purchase print packages, digital high res files, and a la carte items. 

Step 3


 Click on the package you want to buy and click the ADD TO CART BUTTON. If you choose photo retouching, please leave a note at the end of the order as to what you'd like touched up. 

Step 4


 If you want a print of another photo, close the side window, click on the alternate image you want and repeat Step 3.

Step 5


 When you're done choosing your items you can check out. Enter all the usual information and hit the PLACE ORDER button.  You will receive an email with confirmation of your order.  If you purchased digital downloads you will receive an email with the link.

Step 6


 THAT'S IT! You're done. 

Sit back and check off one more item from your to-do list.

Order should arrive at the school about 3 weeks after the order deadline.