Portland Oregon wedding, portrait, and school photographer.

A Little About Me


I grew up in Great Falls, Montana. My dad gave me his old Konica 35mm to keep me busy on all his hunting and fishing trips. I fell in love with film photography and spent every minute after school (and often during) in the school dark room. After I graduated from the University of Montana I bee-lined it to Seattle where I spent 6 fun-filled years soaking up all kinds of tech during the boom.  In 2004 I packed up and set off to travel around Asia. When I returned I made a permanent move to Portland Oregon. My partner and our two kids love biking to local ice cream shops and getting out to exploring the Pacific NW wilderness. We've picked up some dogs and some chickens along the way - like all good Portlander's do but, we often wonder if a goat might be in our future as well.

"What?!? No we don't."  -My daughter

I officially opened Sung Kokko Photography in 2008, but I've been passionate about photography since the 90's when I had virtually unlimited access to a dark room in high school. *sigh* Film photography will always hold a special place in my heart. I shoot mainly school photos, weddings and family portraits, but LOVE a side project.

If you have any questions, would like discuss a custom package, get together on a special project or need some new headshots for your dating app let me know.

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